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My story

Hey, first off, I am so so glad that you stopped by my blog: Mrs. Daaku Studio. Let’s share, teach, learn and talk about travel, home organisation, saving money, marriages and other interesting stuff – TOGETHER.


A little more about myself… I am wife to my darling friend Amit (Mr. Daaku). We got married in March 2016 after having dated for over 3 years.


I was working at Thomson Reuters as an attorney until 2015, after which, we moved to Varanasi. I work closely to create a partnership between craftsmen/artisan and the developers as a step towards saving traditionally known crafts. Read about an abstract of it here.

I started blogging out of my ever lasting love for writing. You will find my travel adventures, life stories, advice, tips, hacks and a lot of me in my posts. Its all about a journey through the imperfections of life, a boat we are all sailing in together and yet forget to communicate.

I am a great fan of sharing my views, tips and hacks. If you are passionate about sharing your thoughts, do write to me and I will feature it on my blog. If you want to know more about this, read about the concept of Late Night Chats with Mrs. Daaku. Looking forward to hearing from you guys! Just a disclaimer, I publish only original and interesting content. So, if you think are can create awesome content, don’t hesitate to contact me. My social media details are also on the home page and on the right side of his page. Some of the guests posts I have received are Not a Trace and 5 tips for becoming heat proof beauty – only for absolute beginners.

I am open to suggestions and feedback. You can  either email me at, tweet to me @Mrs_Daaku or connect with me on my Facebook page.

Oh, I decided to name this blog Mrs. Daaku Studio because my husbands friends and now friends as well, call me Mrs. Daaku. Remember, my husbands is virtually known as Mr. Daaku

I am posting the most read posts here for your reference. Click on the title to visit the post


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